Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Bárbara Barradas (soprano)

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - João Ganho

An audiophile sound engineer for any music genre, from classical music to hip-hop. No muss, no fuss.

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Producer, Mixing and Mastering - Yuriy Smalius

Producer, engineer, mixer, musician. 15+ years in industry, over 100 released projects of both top acts and indie artists in Eastern Europe. Have been a student of Andrew Scheps and Tchad Blake, co-produced album made by Joe Chiccarelli. Own a recording studio with spectacular collection of gear, microphones and backline. Love making music.

Producer, Engineer, Mix, Track - johnhumphrey

With over 30 years of music experience, including live shows, sound engineer, and studio owner, I can bring more to the table than the average joe.

Music producer - MUNYA

I'm a multi-instrumental producer. I make dreamy music under my artist name "MUNYA". I experiment with analog and digital instrumentation.

Session guitarist - Todd Tate


Todd can add the guitar track(s) you need to bring your new song to life. Long-time San Francisco Bay Area rock and jazz guitarist. Electric and acoustic guitars, square-necked Dobro, and Cuban Tres. Singer/Songwriter and professional tracking engineer. Worked on Grammy-nominated Latin Jazz as an engineer. Award-winning SJSU collegiate player.

Singing, songwriting music pro - Frannie EL

I am "Frannie EL" a professional singer/songwriter and music producer who has written for and collaborated with a good number of other professional singers and recording companies. Although versatility is one of my greatest strength, the genre I am most proficient in is Rnb/Pop/EDM/AfroBeats

. - Alberto González


Mixing and Mastering - Antonio Wayside

Hello my name is Antonio Wayside. I'm in audio engineer based from southern Maryland with over 3+ years of professional experience with major labels including (Atlantic, Sony Music, & Roc Nation) and 6+ years of recording independent artists. I'm here to help you reach a consistent sonic quality for release and a competitive edge in the industry.

Pop, rock, RnB singer/writer - Maejoy Dotdot

MAEJOY: The Indie-Pop Songstress Crafting an Ethereal World of Nostalgic Bliss and RnB Vibes Across Vegas, LA, Minneapolis & NYC!


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