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Audio Engineer, drummer - Ben Sampson Audio

I'm an independent audio engineer / sound designer who strives to succeed creatively. I've versed in using music software/digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Pro Tools and Logic Pro. I've been a drummer for a few years, and play in a local band. Hopefully I'm the person you need for your next project.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Slim Doja

Beat Maker Mixing/Mastering Engineer Credits: Lil Boosie, B Will, Kyyngg, Marco Green


I like to stay eclectic.. Major label & independently released records for Amy Winehouse, The Sugababes, Neneh Cherry & many others. I've made radio hits, Grammy & Brit nominated tracks but still have love for the left field...

Recording Studio/Mix/Master - produzionirumorose

I love good music, is not the genre that matters, is the way you do what you do. I love adding something mine to the music like a producer but I can be also a sound engineer who makes the job without interfering with the artistic direction.

Music producer, Songwriter - Johnny Olthoff

I have put years into trying to figure out what makes music music I don’t know if I’ll ever find the answer but the closest thing I can find is that story is what drives it.why sing what you can you say. My Goal is to be the cinematographer for your film in a music sense You bring story and I can fill in the scene to make your story hit the heart

Music Producer / Remixing - Cahelo

Cahelo is a French musician who creates his own unique organic rhythms and aerial melodies inspired by his home setting in the Caribbean Islands.

Producer and songwriter. - D Brens

Urban producer certified by Ableton and Spanish songwriter with more that 10 years of experience.

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