Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Steffan May

Pedal Steel Guitarist - Bill Terry


Seasoned player, Pedal Steel, Non-Pedal Steel, and Electric Guitar. Uniquely qualified with a diverse musical background, able to cover many styles.

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Future sound creator :) - Dutch Rain

I'm here to be hear

Remote Mixing & Mastering - MIXEDBYMON3Y

Perfect sonics ensure that you feel the emotion in music.... I’m here to create that for you.

Berklee College Music Producer - MASTER COMPANY

Berklee College of Music Master, Rock and Metal high quality, low cost recording, mixing, mastering and producing since 1999.

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Dan Toth

Dan Toth is an award-nominated audio editor and mixer, as well as a mix engineer, producer, vocalist and songwriter. He worked at SiriusXM Radio in NYC as an audio producer and editor for many major artists and stations and is currently with Cumulus Media. Dan holds a Master's degree in Music Production from Berklee College of Music.

Music Producer - Thomas Alexander Kolbe

Member of Club of Tone. Creator and producer of Topazz. Experience in music production since 1998.

Mix Engineer, Producer - Zach Seabolt

Mix engineer/producer with 8+ years of experience. 7million+ spotify streams. I have worked with artists in a wide range of genres including Fetty Wap, Tiffany, Desiigner and many more as well as companies like BET and Disney. What sets me apart in my mixing/production is my musical background and not boxing myself into working only in one genre.

Indie/folk songwriter/producer - Quinn X

10 years of piano experience and an obsession with music creation has led me to Berklee College of Music to pursue production. I will help you bring your songs to the next level.

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