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Pro Mixes, Indie Rates - John Seymour


John Seymour is a Grammy Award Winning Engineer with over 20 years of production, engineering, & mixing experience. An alum of NYC's legendary Electric Lady Studios, he brings a wealth of experience, a seasoned set of ears, and a unique bag of tricks to each project...

Produce Record Mix Master  - Joel Nanos/Element Recording

Producing, Mixing, Mastering. Owner of Element Recording Studios.

Composer, Producer, Songwriter - Brandon Phillips

Independent Music Producer – Various Artists Mensa Deathsquad: https://soundcloud.com/user-729530237 Other Americans: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1lyjqeKfC16iWoW2XKsfZf Some Favorites: https://soundcloud.com/user-541504138/sets/brandons-current-best-of

Recording studio, Mix Engineer - Ed Auletta-North End Recording

Recording, Mixing, Editing, Reamping, Vocal Tuning, Remote Mixing.

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Music Producer, Mix Engineer - Clint Bent Music

Clint Bent is an innovative up and coming music producer. Most of Clint Bent’s music incorporates jazz, 90’s old school, and urban styles with an occasional crossover into other music genres, but he is primarily known for his smooth 90s-R&B vibe.

Guitar, Bass, Composition  - Conor Stevens

Guitarist and composer, specialising in classical guitar but, confident across many genres and styles. Composition style ranges from contemporary indie/pop songwriting to contemporary classical.

Music producer - valky

I'm a tireless music producer who wants to expand borders of music. My weapons are vibes you never experienced before. My power is the lust of creating. Let me give you thrills.

Session Guitarist - Gabo

Session Guitarrist and songwriter.

singer, writer, cellist - Justus'

Professional voice training absolved, all prices are negotiable!

Double bass, arranger composer - João Novais

Double bass player! Bass Lines, pizz, arco, arragements, composing, you name it!

Session Drummer - James Friday

A professional service of thorough, musically sharp and client driven drum tracks. Several years experience in live and remote session recording. I will ensure that your musical goals are met and your project remains authentic and polished.

underground phonk - legalmonday

untagged exclusive rights phonk

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