Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with The Black Harrys

Mixing Engineer - Amos Yeo Music

Amos Yeo is a highly sought after mixing engineer based in Singapore with over 14 years of producing, recording, and mixing music for both major labels and independent artists such. His recent work for Josh Yeoh "Live At Penang" album has reached the Top 10 on iTunes in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Accordionist, Sound Engineer - Fabio "Mago" Martino

Musician, composer, sound engineer. I am the owner of a mixing and mastering studio called "La Corte" where I work at competitive rates.

Sound edition, Audio Engineer, - Gerard Cow

Im a freshman who likes to work and be committed to the music and the work that can collaborate to, Im decided all my time to contribute to everyone else work .

Music Producer, Mix, Master - Andy Anderson

Creative audio production professional skilled in delivering exceptional results. Passionate about pushing creative boundaries and exceeding expectations. Committed to continuous improvement and staying up-to-date with industry advancements. Ready to contribute expertise and passion to deliver outstanding audio productions.

Digital Marketing - Christopher Matthews

If your friends are delighted with your makeup, photos or the design of a new apartment, and you are happy to share your secrets with them, then it is definitely worth considering a career as a YouTube blogger. But for beginners, the question usually arises: where to start? After all, shooting videos for yourself and for a wide audience are.

sanatçı-müzisyen-yazar - B4ŞLA

FURKAN UMUT YOZGAT 01.12.1996 tarihinde istanbul bakırköy yenimahalle doğum hastanesinde dünyaya geldi doğma büyüme bakırköylü olan furkan umut ilk okul ve ortaokulu mustafa necati i.ö.o. okumuştur meslek olarak okumayı tercih etmeyip ilgi alanı ollan elektirik elektronik tercih etmiştir ilk başta çırak olarak başlayıp meslek hayatına sertifika al

Music Producer/Songwriter/Mix - Rory Carney

Professional standard songwriter, producer and mixer working in electronic, pop, alt-pop/R&B and beat making for hip-hop. Earmilk featured and working with many exciting up-and-coming acts in my home studio in South London.

I sing  - Ayesha Ayesha

I respond quickly and i give the best service possible.

Producer, Songwriter, Composer - Stupid Hat maT

Hi. My name is maT, also known as Stupid Hat maT. I’m a composer, songwriter, and musician, but most importantly, I'm all ears.


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