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Recording and Mixing Engineers - The Loud Noise Estate

We are two young, exciting and emerging recording, mix and mastering engineers who can also provide songwriting, ghostwriting, production and session work. Specialising in clean, impactful and crushing modern mixes, with a taste of nostalgia, we ar hugely adept at transforming ideas, visions and demos into hits, and the best mix you've had to date.

Singer/Songwriter/Pianist/Prod - Coleen McMahon

G'day, fellow creatives! I sing, write, play the piano and produce, all from my home studio. My most recent accomplishment is writing and co-producing the trailer for the James Cameron movie, "Alita." I also sang and wrote the remake of "Renegade" that was featured on "Shades of Blue" with Jennifer Lopez. Creating is my jam! Let's jam. :)

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Live Audio Engineering - Scott Cannon

Touring FOH Audio Engineer with over 20 years experience and Tour Management experience over the last 18 years. Additionally experienced as a Monitor Engineer and Production Management.

Producer/Mixer/Writer - Sean Blake

I've spent ten years honing my skills in production and mixing. I only take on projects where I feel I can do a great job. I will want to exchange with you about creative direction before we start. I will treat your project as if it was mine.

Music Producer, Mixer - Alex Sharp

I'm Alex Sharp. I'm a producer from Los Angeles. My tastes are geared towards upbeat electronic genres, pop, and darker indie pop and R&B. I'd love to collaborate on a project together.

Vocals, Lyrics, editing - Christina Marie Magenta

I'm a musician with 4 full albums and guest spots on many more.

Engineer x Producer - Najee Lane


Up and coming engineer with a fully dedicated set of eyes and ears, I mix with the upmost care and a drive that will only breed beautiful sonics. I'm also a producer so expect a musical mix always, I completely love mixing and only goal is to help make my clients sound their greatest and create great vibes.

24Hr Remote Engineer - Svn.

Svn. The. Singer. is a singer, songwriter, producer and engineer from Worcester, Mass that became known for his anonymity and racking in millions of streams online.

Producer, Artist, Engineer. - PZedOz Music

I would like to take your final mix and master it using state of the art analogue and digital mastering tools.

Music Producer & DJ - Mason Lister

21 Years Old, Producing Music since the age of 12 - and have worked with a wide range of artists including Joel Fletcher, Reece Low, Shortround, Restricted just to name a few. Most of my original work is under Will Sparks' record label 'Clubwrk', with recent signings also to Revealed Recordings.

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