Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with The Gilbert Family

Creative Guitarist & Mixer - Eric Beaty


Make your musical mark with... - CREATIVE, EXPRESSIVE acoustic and electric guitar • Soulful/melodic LEAD solos, dynamic FILLS, tight RHYTHM guitars in multiple genres - TIGHT, PUNCHY mixes to hone your music • Experience using Tracktion Waveform Pro & Reaper DAWs - CUSTOM GUITAR TONES for your signature sound • Line 6 Helix, Helix LT, HX Stomp

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Mixing/Mastering - David Glenn Recording

With over 15 years of professional studio experience, David Glenn delivers pristine clarity at a highly efficient pace! You won't find a faster pro tools mixing engineer with better ears. Hear for yourself at: www.davidglennrecording.com

 - Tuncluer

Tuncluer Textile International Industry & Trading Inc.Co.

Producer, Mixing & Composer - Ignacio Ramírez

Ignacio Ramirez –aka Sbaro in the Chilean scene- is a well-known music insider amongst musicians in Chile. Not only is he a songwriter and multi instrumentalist, but also a top-notch producer and audio engineer...

Audio Engineer - Ayelet Dolev

I'm an open mind audio engineer specialize in the field of post production - audio editing and sound design. I also worked in the recording studio field as a producer, recorder and mix engineer. I'm also working in the field of concert and live shows as a sound technician.

Mixing & Mastering - Matteo Rivera

Mix and Mastering engineer - r&b/pop/hip hop/ Trap / Electronic.

Music Producer & Engineer  - Dom Dias

Music Producer & Mixing/Mastering Engineer currently signed to Warner Music Canada; Worked various projects with artists and brands such as the Toronto Raptors and Major Lazer. Here to adhere to your musical needs and to create eras not trends - Let's work.

A writer with hopes - Emma Sparks

I write high quality unique content.

Mixer, Producer and Composer - Delta 17 Studio

Della 17 is a creative music studio that brings fresh and innovating sounds into the commercial music industry. With the capacity of handling all sorts of genres, delta 17 studio has worked from jazz mixes to full videogame soundtracks

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