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Record and Arrange Horns - Eric Johnson Music


I've been a session musician all over the west coast for almost ten years, recording and arranging horn parts for Soul, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Hip Hop groups. I've recorded Saxophone, Flute, and Clarinet, created improvised solos, as well as arranged parts for woodwind and brass sections. I've worked specifically with Daptone recording artists.

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Mixing / Mastering / Producer - Manu Jimenez

Music Engineer / Producer that specializes in Mixing and Mastering for bands, producers, and film composers. My studio is in Los Angeles just outside Hollywood and was designed by Michael Blackmer of Blackmer Design.

Mix Engineer - Ben Worsey

Experienced mix engineer across genres such as Indie Rock, Americana, Blues and Folk.

Audio mastering - Sam Berdah Mastering

Delivering professional digital audio mastering & master lacquers. I have worked on several King Gizzard records, Juan MacLean (DFA), Correspondant, Disco Halal...

Drummer - Studio musician - Jorge Giorno

I'm a drummer and recording studio owner based in Argentina. I've toured the world playing drums with different shows and artists.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - JJ Porter

Hey I'm JJ, I am originally from Australia but now living in Chicago. I make music part time and am a professional when it comes to mixing and mastering and Songwriting. I can do any genre but I focus specifically on hip hop and rap.

Rapper /Song Writer / Producer - Andy Yup

I have confidence in my creative melodies and production I do. I have a unique sound, but I still keep it simple and nice to listen to. I look forward to any future clients reading this right now, I will put 100% of my hard work into any projects we work on. I am just starting on the business side of music, so I am down to work on anything you need

seo - avantech

AVANTECH has the soil compaction test equipment you need to perform Proctor Compaction Tests, determining soil moisture-density relationship and for testing Relative Compaction and Relative Density of granular soils.

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