Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Tiger Band

Mixdown & Mastering Engineer. - Adisak Meerit

Mixdown & Mastering Engineer.

Adisak Meerit, Adisak Meerit ( อดิศักดิ์ มีฤทธิ์ ) @ Bangkok favorite_borderfavorite

GMM-GRAMMY , GANCORE CLUB , STUDIO COMMUAN , ArtProd Asia , Golf - Mike , Titanium , Buddha Bless , Madagascar 11 Circle , Pchy , August Band , Tiger Band , VIT - Af Academy ,

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Music Produce only - ICEDUB aka Beatmaster420

Hi Looking for a Producer? For your next Hot track? Well you have just found what your looking for. My name is Sadino AKA Icedub . I been making music for over 13yrs now and i luv everything about music.. So if you need some help with a track are just need a new hot one. look me up. I have work with Dubstep, R&B , Hip Hop, Gospel music.

Sound Design - HSR Audio

Put our experienced and inspired professionals behind your next production and ‘wow’ audiences with superior sound quality, design, and mixing. HSR Audio is the studio trusted by discriminating producers, directors, and game designers to craft truly memorable audio experiences able to build powerful scene momentum, underscore action, and evoke emot

Session and Live Keyboardist - Nicolas P. Cassia

I'm 20 years old, and I've been playing piano and keyboards since 11 years old. Since 2015 I've recorded six albums and actually in 2018 I'm producing and recording keyboards of three more.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Acho

Achieve a MODERN, PROFESSIONAL and ANALOG sound in your productions with the help of an experienced professional audio engineer

Music Producer - Brent Betit

I am an EDM/HOUSE/DANCE dj & producer

Artist - Brooklyn Bridges

Singer, Songwriter

Mixing Engineer, Music produce - Juan Carlos Siu

Hello, I'm Juan Siu aka Siukoi, I have been dedicated to music production for 10 years. Music and sound design are my passions. My approach to each project is to achieve a clearer, unique, and competent sound. PD: I don't like to quit until the client is happy with the result. Portfolio: Soundcloud: Valleysoundart Spotify : Siukoi

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