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Create , Sculp , Customize . - Scotty

I do ; add musical parts; stereo grand piano, Etc to your liking after you send me your mp3 nucleus. My Prime goal is to make my additions a catalyst to make your project really go. Free samples after you send me something and then we'll go from there... very affordable pricing it a good job done because this is one of the things I love to do.

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Mastering studio - donut lover - DOMC Mastering

DOMC Mastering is a custom-designed, dedicated mastering suite in Australia, specialising in getting YOUR next audio recording ready for the public. We can handle most audio formats, analogue and digital.

Mastering/Mixing - Nick James

I am currently working as a Mastering Engineer in central London and have access to very high quality studios. I am very lucky in that the studios I work in allow me to use them outside of office hours, and I use them regularly to produce, mix and record my own projects and projects for others.

Mixing & Mastering/ Production - Asmbly SoundLab

Asmbly SoundLab consists of premiere recording engineers and producers with over 20 years of experience specializing in production, recording, mixing and mastering of Gospel, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock & Poetic Art. We have an A-List of Grammy Winning Producers/Writers & Award Winning Sound Engineers to develop a great sound for your project.

Mixing Engineer / Sound Creator - Raymond Ortiz

Raymond Ortiz is a highly talented indic

Mixing, Recording, Live Sound  - Rafael Cardona

Energetic, meticulous and proactive sound engineer with practical knowledge of music production and reproduction technology for both studio and live situations. I meet tight deadlines delivering superior performance with a strong sense of priority and pride.

Producer / Sound engineer  - Antonio Fix Simonovski

I am a guitar player, an artist, mixing and mastering engineer. I work with Cosmic Dimension (Goa trance project), and 2 side projects for downtempo/chillout, and psy trance music, and many experiments with soundtracks, recording instruments, mixing and mastering bands, e.t.c.

Lyricist; parodies; originals - Clintcollins920

If you have music that needs lyrics, or if you like putting music to already existing lyrics, I'm your guy. I'm your Bernie. Be my Elton. If you don't know what that means, reach out and ask me. I have written parodies but focus more on originals. I can do all genres.

Brazilian Studio Guitarist - Zé Vito

Highly professional guitarist from Brazil.

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