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I specialize in textures and creative drumming. I like to prepare my drums using bells, objects and percussion on top of the hitting surfaces to create rattle and different types of layered sounds. I have made unique steel cymbals ranging from 24'' to 48'' to create very dark and metallic textures.

Hire me if you need unique drum sounds for your music or to enhance your electronic drums.

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MAYSUN offers immersive instrumental music that evokes melancholy, acceptance and hope. His project combines drums, synthesizers and sound design to create a universe where the digital and the organic merge. He has released works such as All these are the days (2016), The Field of Living (2016) and Sun & Ice (2017), The After Mountain (2020) and more than 500 improvisation pieces between 2017 and 2020.

My work explores the relationship between the temporality and spatiality of sound. My music is based around the use of sounds from my real life environment and transforming them into musical tones to be used for the creation of soundscapes. The sounds I sample are transformed using tape cassette, physical spaces, modular synthesis, feedback and effect pedals. This allows me to splice, stretch, alter pitch and speed of the sound, adding imperfections and artifacts along the way. My compositions are created as if they were soundtracks to my life events. This process aims to add depth to the listening experience by giving a sense of time and space through the music.

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Terms Of Service

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Turn-around time: 72 hours

Gear Highlights
  • Neve 1073DPA
  • Apollo X6
  • DIYre Colour Duo
  • Midas XL48
  • Beesneez Lulu FET KM84
  • Vintage 70s Stop Sign Gretsch Drums
  • Morfbeats Instruments
  • Steel Cymbals
  • 48'' Steel Gong
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