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Producer, Song Doctor

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Thibault M is a songwriter, producer, arranger, musician and singer. He is here to help you during the hardest phase while working on a song or a musical project : the last 10%. He is highly experienced and a versatile songwriter/topline artist/vocal arrangement specialist to help you bring your song to the next level.

I have been writing and recording professionally since 2009. I have released numerous records of original material (Indie Rock / Pop / Folk / Ambient Music) and, offering my skills as a lyricist, composer, and vocalist, have collaborated with clients to help them at the crucial point of finishing a song.

When you are having a great song idea, a catchy lyrical hook or a midnblowing theme, you are most of the time far ahead than you already know. To me, you already did 90% percent of the job, congratulations ! But the truth is that the hardest part is the last 10%. And sometimes, you need an extra help to arrange, to structure or to finish your work. I am here to help you during these hard times and making your work concrete, ready to mix !
I live in Paris where I have a full equiped studio.
My love of music extends to a broad range of genres, including EDM, house music, R&B, hip hop, rock, folk, ambient and classical, all of which have influenced my original material.
I also offer industry-quality writing (lyrics, topline, general composition), vocals, and session vocal arrangement.

I know how to arrange string quartets, electronic synths, playing guitar, piano etc...

Just come with your ideas and I will help you.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

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