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OFFICINA MUSICALE studios cover an area of 200 square metres and are located in a former factory which lies on the very edge of Castellana Grotte, in a countryside area. The peace and quiet of the surroundings provides additional value to the facility, which consists of three recording rooms and one control room.

The recording rooms differ in size and the acoustic materials used:
Room A (live room) is 50 square metres and was built using natural materials such as plaster, stone and wood. As a result, it has a natural reverberation (RT of about 1 second) suitable for acoustic instruments.
Room B (dead room) is 25 square metres and is characterized by a dry sound due to the absorbent materials employed. It is the ideal solution for recording electrical instruments such as electric guitars, keyboards and bass.
Room C (vocal booth) is 5 square metres and versatile as it can be used to record solo instruments such as the double bass or an acoustic guitar.
The 25 square metres of the control room guarantee linear acoustics thanks to the use of carefully selected and certified materials.

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Gear Highlights
  • Summit
  • API
  • Focusrite
  • DBX
  • ADAM
  • Bricasti.
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