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Hello, I'm Orlando. I've been working with independent, underground and experimental music for many years now, doing mastering work since 2013 for a variety of artists like Agzilla, The Soundtrack You're Dead, Ersatz Olfolks, DJ Loser, Bickel etc. Additionally I create experimental music and review music on my blog Fluid Sonic Fluctuations.

What I can offer you on SoundBetter is primarily mastering work for your single, EP, album, compilation or other form of music release. I have experience with working especially with more experimental styles of music like Braindance, Noise and Industrial but have also mastered Drum & Bass, Indie Pop, Pop Punk lighter styles of music so you can send me any style of music to master for you. I can do masters for digital, CD and tape format and can also create masters for alternate versions of tracks as well as masters compliant to various loudness compliance standards if necessary. My aim with my mastering service is to help you out making your release sound at its best sound quality, bringing out the most of your mixes and especially retaining as much as possible of the dynamics and balance within the mix, masters fit for the nature of the music itself that leave some headroom beneficial for loudness normalisation on various digital music stores and streaming services.

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The Soundtrack You're Dead- Fantasy

I was the Mastering Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

Please prepare your mixes carefully before submitting them for mastering, changes to the masters can always be made on request for free until you're satisfied.

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