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Analog-tube mastering services; we give warmth, punch, clarity and strength to your sound, without sacrificing dynamics and depth. We also deliver your music with the volume calibrated for the streaming service or physical media of your choice.

Sound quality is our main goal and our only philosophy, no matter if the files are too large or we need to much processing power, your music deserves it, we work everything with extreme care but at the same time, we use the least possible amount of signal processing, less is more, much more.

The main weapon in Noise Mastering Studio® aren't the analog processors, the plugins, the speakers, the converters or the DAWs, but the engineer's ears and dedication, Sergio Patiño have mixed and mastered countless records over the years and keeps learning and practicing to ensure his ears stay honed to take on his everyday duties working on your music.

The studio has a very cared acoustic treatment, with a combination of absorbent and reflective surfaces to balance the sound, not too dead and not too bouncy. One of the main features of its acoustics is that there are the least amount of hardware between the speakers and the engineer's ears so there is almost no comb-filtering.

It also features a speaker system with subwoofers so everything below 80 Hz is handled by them, thus delivering a complete spectral response. The other most important features are the Burl Audio Bomber DAC and ADC units which ensures that all conversions are free of artifacts such as jitter and aliasing that hurt a lot the sound when not done with premium devices.

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Terms Of Service

You send your music, we master it, you pay through paypal, when the payment is verified you will receive the links to download your music.

Gear Highlights
  • Elysia karacter
  • musseq
  • xpressor
  • nvelope
  • Distopik Gold Can
  • ADU
  • Fairchild
  • Sontec EQ
  • Audio Destruction Unit
  • Precision Mastering Limiter
  • Bettermaker Mastering Limiter
  • Telefunken M15
  • Studer A812 Mk1
  • Gyraf G24
  • Weiss DS1 MK3
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