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NULL: A successful trajectory band originating in Brazil for 25 years producing authorial songs (creator of one of the main musical references in retro-futuristic space electronic rock in the independent underground scene).
Null is a musical project formed by multi instrumentalist Alan F. (vocals, guitars, synth, drums and programming). The masterplan was make a concept album per year. Null today is in his 23rd album (Lounge 2021).
Official Discography:
Metzengerstein (1999)
The Mystik Circus (2000)
Stranger (2001)
The Lotus Feet (2002)
Violet (2003)
La Mafia (2004)
Nightmare (2005)
Take Me Down (2006)
Lethal Threat (2007)
Game Over (2008)
Chrome (2009)
Hateman (2010)
Voices From The Soul (2011)
The Dark Sides (2012)
Soulhatred (2013)
Red Noise (2014)
Music For Films (2015)
Steampunk (2016)
Os 3 Calaveras (2017)
Retrofuture (2018)
Sunsets (2019)
Spells - Single (2019)
Arrhythmia (2020)
Lounge (2021) * recording
Across The Ocean - Single (2021)
Walk Away Single (2021)
Chill Out (2021)
Playing Darts (2021)
Iconik - NFT (2021)
Armageddon (2021)

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