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Recording studio owner since 2003. After recording hundreds of records, I'm here to help you mixing your music. I'm a musician (drummer) and pro tools expert - user since 1999. Also live recordings. I believe that in this work the aspect of musicality must always prevail over the mere technical side (which in any case one must be able to possess).

Hi everybody, my name is Eugenio, I work in music environment as a professional sound engineer since 2003. After graduating from Univeristy, I attended a very important course at Fonoprint recording studios, where I was able to meet some of those who later became my great teachers. Then I started working in a small structure managed in agreement with the Municipality of Bologna, frequented over the years by hundreds of artists. I will always be grateful for the opportunities of professional growth that the combination with the public sector gave me.
I learnt this work slowly but steadily, especially by doing, not watching others do. Above all I was able to try my hand at different musical genres. In a public facility open to all, something different arrives every day! I consider this versatility an added value, not a defect. That's why I don't really like the box below where I have to choose a music genre. When you know your work well, you can mix all kinds of music.
Then of course during the years I collaborated with other big studios near Bologna, my town.
Now I can make available to you all the experience I got over these years.

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