Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with CREA

Songwriter, Singer, Topliner - Fatima Gerendas

I am a Singer-Songwriter and musicologist specialized in Earworms and Hit-songs. If you need a mainstream appealing song, I might be the right person to work with. I know that there are not a lot of people that make research about the features of a Hit-song and write music using those features, so that would be my USP.

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Music Producer & Engineer      - Jahaz Music

With years of experience as a professional Music Producer & Engineer. Jahaz Music is able to help musicians create a final product that not even they were able to imagine.

Sound Engineer - Remote Mixer - Javier Amadini - L.P. Anselmo

Rapper, Acoustic Hip hop - Kris Noel

I am acoustic hip hop.

I play drums! Fresh/versatile - Jack Heslewood

Expert drummer (playing my whole life!) and decent singer. Couldn't possibly describe in 300 characters but let's just say I'm fresh and original imho. I'm a rocket scientist who's a creative type so whether your project is simple or complex I'm excited to work with you.

Writing Services - homeworkprof

We have top quality experts who are always ready to help you with your assignments.

Topliner/Songwriter/Vocalist - Linda

Ya Girl for vocals from soft to powerful, as well as Toplines and Lyrics for any existing track of yours. You name it, I create!

Producer and Mixing Engineer - The Baykerz

I listen, create art and network. Hosted and worked on projects with Kwesi Soul, Juma Mufasa, The Collekta, A Clipse and Dali Yung.. Sounds are colors. At the end of the day, bringing the colors to life is what I am most passionate about.

Producer and Audio Engineer - Divar

Hi, I'm Divar, Costa Rican producer and audio engineer. I like to work with urban and tropical latin music. I am very dedicated and careful to deliver my clients the best possible audio quality for their projects. So let's create your listeners the best possible experience.

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