Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Echo and the bunnymen

Acoustic Indie Mixer Producer - Dave Thomas Junior


Producer / Mixer / Musician with 20 years experience. Can help you make your song pro industry standard ready.

Composer/producer/performer - Germanager

germanager is alex germains. a varied if underwhelming industrial career, with bright spots at cultural, economic, cognitive, and affective intersections. Open to, and extremely excited about, anything and everything to do with how sound and vision can be created, manipulated, shared, and experienced. Mute Records, LIPA...

Mix Engineer - Mike Prosser

Hi, I'm Mike - an experienced touring sound engineer bringing my expertise in delivering powerful live mixes and immersive stage monitoring experiences for artists like Ms. Lauryn Hill, Clean Cut Kid, Circa Waves, Marsicans and more in to the studio environment to create productions with all the energy of a great live performance!

Recorder, Mixer, Producer !   - Steve Prestage

Assistant engineer Pye studios, Morgan studios, Air studios ( London ) 1973 - 79 House engineer Townhouse studios 1979 -82. Freelance 1982 - today. Moved to Paris, France 1989.

More providers:

 - Mike Lombardi Productions (Songwriting/Mixing/Mastering)

My name is Mike Lombardi. I have been a musician for over 15 years, and am currently running a production company. My main goal, is to help DIY bands on a budget, get the most out of their music. I do this by professional quality mixes, mastering, and songwriting help for bands.

Mixing & Mastering - Martin Savage Sound Design

I am a sound designer and sound engineer from Bristol and specialise in experimental electronic composition and sonification installations. I have experience in recording in studios and live performances, live sound engineering, mixing and mastering engineering. I am currently studying for a MMus Degree in Creative Sound and Media Technology.

Session guitarist/bassist - George Ntavelas

Hey guys, my name is George and I stay in Edinburgh. I am playing guitar and bass, I am a death metal singer and also I am composing my own songs. I have my personal project , called DemonicObedience and I am here in case that someone wants me to take part in his project by doing anything from the things that I wrote above.

Remote mixing, drummer - Graeme Ramsay

You are an indie/punk/rock/shoegaze act and someone has recorded you, but they don't really get what you're about and it's not worth paying them to mix it. Don't worry! Send me the files, talk to me a bit, let me ask you things about your aims & intentions, and I'll mix your recordings. What - you don't have loads of money? Don't worry about it!

Recording Engineer, Producer - Fast Trax Recording Studio

Music Production for Artists & Sound Solutions for Businesses.

Session work, recording, mixin - Josh Freeman

Session guitar and bass work. Can also program drums and provide some midi work depending on skill level needed. Work on metal, rock, country, or soundtrack music. Looking to get more work to pay for my solo album.

wolę grać na instrumentach bas - prawdziwy artysta

Nazywam się Kuba i pracuję w branży IGaming od czasów liceum i od tego czasu przeszedłem całą drogę do rozwoju projektów w tej niszy, a teraz zaczynam pracę nad własnym projektem, który uwzględnia wszystkie doświadczenia z ostatnich lat, dlatego też będzie to najlepsza strona na rynku!

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