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Pro Mixer Rap/Trap/Dance/Pop - Jumper


19 Billion Streams and Counting - 10 Years of Experience - Select Credits Include: Brandy, Eve, Future, Megan Thee Stallion, U2, P-Valley S2 Soundtrack & Score, Kygo, Meek Mill, Grip, NOTD, Rick Ross, Jeezy, Steve Aoki, Fifth Harmony.

Mixing Engineer - Oliver Blue

Hi, I'm a producer, instrumentalist, songwriter, and a recording, mixing and mastering engineer. I have a unique perspective from playing bass in psych-rock bands, preparing electronic live shows, and recording r+b and hip hop in bedrooms. I produced Wiley from Atlanta's entire debut album "Blue Don't Make Me Cry" with Malik Drake.

Guitarist, Producer, Engineer - Drew C

Pronounced: jruicy. Need a guitar solo or a loop for your production? How about a chord progression to your lyrics? Can't drop that single because it's a YouTube/Free beat? For guitar touring or session work, producing, & engineering, I've got you covered. Let me add some J(R)UICE to your record!


As a seasoned audio engineer based in Atlanta, with a decade worth of experience, I've had the honor of working with some of the biggest artist and producers in the industry such as Action Pack, Big Boogie, Doe Boy, Grip, Vory, Drummaboy, ATL Jacob, Kamillion, Kap G, Nessly, Skooly, Rubberband OG, YFN Lucci and many more.

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Recording & Mixing Studios - Grooters Productions

Dialogue Editing, ISDN, Foley, Studio Recording, Field Recording, Music Mixing, Voice-Over Booth, Archiving, Mastering, SFX, Audio Design, ADR, 5.1 Surround, Huge Music Library, Custom Scores, Dubbing, ProTools, Sound Sweetening, Casting, Podcasts and more... all at our studios in beautiful Downtown Holland MI

mixer, producer, bass player  - Angus Campbell

Award-winning chart-topping producer of 20 years... I've been working away tirelessly for 20 years now and have thousands of tracks placed in film, trailer, and tv, as well as numerous commercial releases which include a top ten UK hit...Blade Runner 2049, CSI, Just Call Saul, Sex in the City, Assasins Creed to name but a few

Editing Service - Joslyn Fresay

Music isn't just about the sounds it produces. Many people look to it as a general learning and study aid. In fact, counting beats in music can help you do more than learn to sing or play an instrument. In this article, you'll learn how music education can be useful on a daily basis.

Rap, Sing, Write, and Produce  - ShoCKrump

“What if god wonder if I got the Courage to bend the rules? I been gripping on the henny like I put it on a pedostol.”

Songwriter, Producer, Singer - Adam Spade

If you are an artist in need of someone to see the potential in your song, and to help take that song to competitive level, that's what I can do. I'm a hook writer and producer. I enjoy frequent pacing in my home studio, conjuring up sticky melodies, and mapping songs to perfection. I also enjoy the challenge of composing music for motion picture.

Accountant - Danial M. Warren

My name is Danial M. Warren, I'm from Abu Dhabi, UAE.


With hundreds of millions of streams, Sahaj Ticotin has worked with Motley Crue, Starset, Nothing More, Bad Wolves, Saul, Chad Grey, Lajon Witherspoon, New Years Day and so many others. Rock and Pop toplines are a specialty.

Master musique électronique - Adrien M

Sound engineer Adrien M is an audio magician, shaping the emotion and sound quality of the music we love. His mastery of technology and passion for art make him an essential pillar of your music, helping to make every song a memorable experience for listeners around the world.

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