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 - Ken Chen

Ken worked as an assistant engineer at Toronto's one and only Revolution Recording Studios.. He has worked with various different genres and high profile clients. He is always looking to provide the best service possible and exceed the expectations of his clients.

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 - LocOm Instrumentals


Mixing and Mastering Services - Project Mixing and Mastering

Hello my name is Brian Zadel. I am a studio technician looking to move forward in my music career. I am also a music producer and have 4 years under my belt. I know for most of you that is merely a dent in most of your music careers but I have been studying for a longtime and feel I have a vast amount of knowledge in the industry.

Singer/Songwriter , Producer,  - Paul Bartolome

Professional Singer/Songwriter from the UK. Put out my Debut Album "Gravity" back in September with no backing, it Debuted Top 20 in the iTunes Charts with it sitting at #16, The lead single also placed #110 at the same time! 2nd album gained over 1 million plays in total under Legend recording

Music Producer at Wav Factory - Steve Jeffery

Hello, my name is Steve Jeffery. I've been recording and mixing music since 2011. I recently made it official and opened Wav Factory, LLC. I've worked on various genres, including metal, country, rock, and pop. My most recent mix you can find is Fresh Prince by Steven Jacob. I'd love to chat, message me today for a personalized quote!

Composer, Mix, Master, Produce - NDL Studios

I compose music, all forms for all lyricist and writers Mix and Master.

Sessions work, song writing - Greg Richardson Music Studios

For me music is an organic process. Diversity is my middle name. I have no boundaries when it come to creativity, collaboration and composition. My taste is extremely diverse. I am a working musician, teacher, worship leader and song writer. My last collaboration was with my good friend Connie Rae a funk/rock/blues artist and vocalist.

Nashville Guitarist & Bassist - Drew Smyser


With a diversity of experience in genres from the expected to unexpected, Drew is a talented and intentional session musician specializing in creating sounds and moments that will elevate your songs.

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