Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Justine Blues Band

Mastering - Tomato Sound Factory

Great room, good ears, love music... Senior sound engineer, I have been working for quality of sound since 30 years. Tomato Sound Factory is a cool place for your music.

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studio music, mastering work m - M.A Studios

M.A Studios we sever your needs we master mix and edit for any radio play for any single you have thanks for your time and business

Soul Singer/Writer/Producer - GOLD GRIFFITH

If you need that Vintage sound or need to add some soul to your project I'm your man... If you need a classic hook for your hit record or you want it to sound like a Sample from the 70's I can make you a specialized beat with Hook.

Session Guitarist and Bassist - Alexi Marinaki

10 years of playing.2 years worth of recording, mixing and studio experience. I am a composer and my main instrument is the electric guitar. I pride myself on unique compositions that create a visceral and fresh experience for the listener.

music producer & artist - BREYER

Young and hungry music producer with extensive songwriting, touring, and media experience. I know how it is to be an artist and can help in many avenues. Also, I make beats so fast you wouldn’t believe it. Let’s get to work.

Productor Musical - Daizen


Especializado en música urbana, experiencia en mezcla y masterizacion de genero como reggaeton, rap, trap etc. Catalogo de Beats: www.daizenmusic.com

Song writer, Lyricist - Tezzo

Don’t have any top credits but if you listen to my music; which i wrote everything. You will notice i have a taste for music.

Violin|Composer|Arranger - Liza Evans

I am a professional violinist, a composer and an arranger located in St. Petersburg, Russia. Worked as an arranger/orchestrator for famous duo "Igudesman&Joo". I record violin parts for composers. I can create soundtracks for a video/movie/video game, or to help you with orchestrating your music. Also, I do music engraving. I'm happy to help you!

Air is my canvas for saxophone - Corey On Sax

I listen and love more styles of music than anybody I know. That also happens to help me adapt and be a great accompaniment to other musicians & artists. I take a lot of pride in that - playing for the song.

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