Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with NatGeo Lab

'Music Producer', 'Composer' - Felipe Duran

I can offer you years of experience as composer writing music for film, TV series, independent documentaries and advertisement. I also work alongside songwriters as arranger and producer.

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Music Production and Mixing - Chad Alger

Chad Alger has been producing and crafting creative, unique mixes of all genres since 2008, when he co-founded Socialite Fiasco Music. As the Executive Producer at Socialite Fiasco Music, he has produced and mixed albums, and licensed music with major brands and television networks both nationally and internationally.

Songwriter, Topliner, Producer - JADEtheproducer

JADE's authentic and poetic lyrics, moody and rhythmically driven songs create a dark, and vibey landscape of sonic imagery.

Write songs, play guitar - John Coz

Long time guitarist worked with Grandmaster Flash, Beck and other major label acts signed to Warner Bros, Capitol, BMG, Elektra, Dreamworks and Geffen records. Have had chart success in the US and Europe

Songwriter - Pachu Bernaldo

For me, Its all about what the lyrics of your songs talk about. I want my lyrics to be able to speak to people. I write songs in either Spanish and English.

Marketing  - Digital Marketing Service HK

We Will Provide You The Quality Digital MArketing Service

Professional Audio Engineer - Fiinanse

Fiinanse is an professional audio engineer that has graduated from SAE Institute. He has interned with WGN's Anchor Mark Suppelsa, Worked in a broadcast facility with "Captured Productions" Founder John Johnson, and composed and recorded artist in his home town.

Versatile Vocalist  - Jaraneh Nova


Multi-genre expert vocalist & writer. Worked with Bear McCreary as featured vocalist for hit show Outlander. Multi-genre session experience in EDM, Pop, Rock, Ambient and Native American.

Beat maker and producer - Matt Fryer

20 plus years experience in HipHop based music production with various releases for different forward thinking HipHop artists such as Open Mike Eagle, The Cloaks, Zackey Force Funk and more

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