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Mixing & Location Recording... - Reformata A/V Studios

Greetings, I'm Eric Hoffman, owner and engineer of/at Reformata A/V Studios. I love music in general, so whether it be a Jazz Trio or the most brutal of metal, if it moves me I'm game. Whether it be mixing, location recording, or authoring your DVD, allow me to take my 20+ years of passion and pour it into your project. Read further for more...

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 - Starfield-Production

A small Recording- & Editing-Studio with premium Gear, commercial Productions, Voice-Recordings etc

Audio Engineer, Bass Player - Emanuel Apascaritei

Audio engineering diploma by Middlesex University, UK. I've been recording, mixing and mastering since 2003. Specialized in Pop, RnB, Gopel, Flamenco, Rock, Jazz, Funk and Classical music.

Mixing & Mastering - Zane Pugh

Assistant Engineer to Jason Maas (Citizen, Counterparts, Title Fight)

I am pop/rock session drummer - Denis Loncaric

I've been in the music business for 15 years. Over the years I had a chance to play versatile genres. I played more than 700 live gigs. I played everything from big arenas to weddings and small clubs. Now, all my strengths and passion are focused on studio drumming and getting the best sound. I constantly explore new sounds, new microphone setups,

Remote Mixing & Mastering,  - Terrence Bennett

An Audio Engineer cares solely about the quality of work we could make; not what's is in your pockets.

Pop Producer, Mix, Master - Colin Foote

Instrumental and Vocal Producer, Mix and Master. Over 50,000,000 Streams - songs featured on playlists including New Music Friday, Pop Rising, and Fresh and Chill. Credits include Cheat Codes, Marc E Bassy, Anson Seabra, LOOTE, Jordy, Young Bombs, Jillian Rossi, and Caleb Hearn, and many more. Let's make your song the best it can be!!!

Deep House, Techno Producer - NOTAGOODNAME

Mexico City-based house, techno DJ and producer, with fond memories as a kid, armed with just an old USB and a collection of rock, blues mix tapes in his dad's car, it is fair to say not many discover their passions quite as early as NOTAGOODNAME .

Full-Time Music Produce. - Hassan D YP (BOY)

A full-time music producer /mixing & mastering engineer. I offer Industry standard services. the style of my studio work is inspired by top-ranking artists and music producers /engineers all around the world.


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