Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with The Squirm

Music Producer - Attraktor Music Lab

My name is Ondrej Grzegorz. I like production, mixing and mastering of all kinds of music. My education background is classical and electroacoustic music, but my hobby was always electronic music. I do game sound and various audio designs and as well remixes and beats.

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 - ArtistRecords

Mumbai Based Audio Mixing,Mastering and Reamping Suite available at affordable rates. A hybrid setup consisting of digital and analog equipment ranging from a conventional DAW to guitar amps such as the Marshall JCM800 to Fender Twin reverb. Excellent line of KH o 410 Speakers to cater your mixing needs. Exceptional Audio translation.

Recording studio, - Ray Harry

Ray Harry is a producer, songwriter, recording engineer and owner of Lighthouse Music & Media Studio. His specialty is R&B, hip hop,jazz/funk and cinematic music used for cinema or game audio.

Mix Engineer - Rod Alexander

As a musician and mix engineer with a passion I pride myself on getting a mix that you will love.

Producer & Songwriter - Tapevine Music

Hear it through The Tapevine.

Music producer, sound design - Superpose Studio

I'm music producer, sound designer. I make music for artists, brands and films

Dance Music Mastering Engineer - Kris O'Neil

Mastering electronic dance music with a hardware/software hybrid setup. Apple Digital Masters certified mastering engineer.

Mixing and Mastering - Mickie F. Gee

I am a producer, songwriter, guitarist and also mix and master in my own studio. I've been in music for over 30 years, played in bands and worked on the console for various people from different musical genres. I love to play and mix songs in different kinds of genres.

K-Pop/RnB Producer - Jung-Ah Song

If you are looking for a fresh idea in RnB, K-pop, pop, or beats, I can help you for free! Send me a message and tell me more about your project!

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