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Remote Mixing & Production - Dan Villalobos

London-based producer, remixer, composer and mix engineer.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Griffin Etchison

My job is to make your music sound as good as possible.

Music Producer - 8TEEN

Anyway am not a fan of talking or typing in general so yeah i will make great banging track for you with a cheap ass price coz i love making music dont care about moneyy.

All facets of music making - Neiro Collective

Hi! We are a collective of creatives operating on all facets within music making. Our team consists of songwriters, producers, and mixing/mastering engineers with various musical backgrounds. We operate in a wide variety of genres.

Music Producer - JVZE BEATS

• Producer • Songwriter • Record/Sound/Mix/Master Engineer •

singer/songwriter/musician/ - Iryna

I have my own style and unforgettable timbre and my own unique style!

Artist - Kapila Dheer

My hobby and passion is to make music. I taken joint replacement treatment at best hospital. Website:

Producer and Mixing Engineer - The Baykerz

I listen, create art and network. Hosted and worked on projects with Kwesi Soul, Juma Mufasa, The Collekta, A Clipse and Dali Yung.. Sounds are colors. At the end of the day, bringing the colors to life is what I am most passionate about.

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