Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Liam Wilson

Music Producer & Engineer - Liam Wilson

Industry proven music producer and international DJ, signed to major dance labels including Armada, Black Hole & FSOE.

Branding & Asset Creation - Steven Cunniffe

The pull-a-rabbit-out-the-hat guy who handles branding & asset creation for record releases and shows. Led the marketing on Gareth Emery's sold-out laserface tour.

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mixer and producer - Mauro Galbiati

Stage manager, tour manager, FOH engineer, producer, engineer, mixer, sound designer and musician.

Remote session vocals/guitar - Hownd Demos

I seek to bring people happiness with music. All my life I have observed the rhythms and grooves of human spirit and through this dedication have found purpose and direction in bringing that to every project. Whether it be a sultry vocal or some jazz pop guitar and backgrounds, the intention I bring will highlight your work.

Mastering, Audio Restoration - Little Castle Mastering

Boutique hi end pro mastering. 23 years in music. Musicians ears. Music is forever.

Mix-Produce-Songwrite-Ecd  - Izaiah Johnson

Hello, My name is Izaiah Johnson and I am experienced with everything music related, all of your musical needs I can fulfill. Mixing? Yup. Mastering? Got it. Recording? Easy. Songwriting? Of course. Rapping? Yep. Producing? Yessir. I have quite the experience with everything and am here to help. Contact me at zayzaymj@gmail.com or 240-586-3712.

Produce / Rec / Mix / Master  - Itinerant Home Recordings

Geoff Saba, Sound Artist. Experimental drives, respectfully critical of tradition. Heavily informed by critical theory, post-structuralism, Jungian psychoanalysis, and the physical / intellectual / spiritual desires to create and produce art in the world.

Audio Engineer | Production - Teez

Engineering releases published by Premiere Classe, Trap Nation, Lowly Palace & various world renowned record labels - Teez brings life into his productions & all projects he accepts to engineer. Teez specializes in advanced audio production, dynamic enhancement & stereo imaging. Creating all processes into brilliant pictures of sound.

I got LYRICS!  - JayDavi

I got the lyrics you need, when you need them! I will write about why you need them because I want you to get across your message.

Mixing&Mastering, Hiphop&Pop - Andreas Wagner

I will make your music sound it´s best - and together, we will create something special!


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