Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with She Can Rap: Mixtape Vol 1

Songwriter, Recording Artist - Pasht Music

Featured article in Right On Magazine, Featured artist on B.E.T. "Spit Ya Game", Performed at Howard University Homecoming, Song credits with renowned producer Sid "Omen" Brown, Song credits with James Czeiner & Krystiana Chelminisky of Grammercy Records

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Session Guitarist - Nick Brenock

Hello my name is Nick Brenock. I'm an NYC based guitarist and musician. I have played on hundreds of professional recording sessions, most recently working with producer David Kahne and platinum selling artist Jackie Evancho.

Producer, Mixer & Guitarist - Jean Loup Pecquais

Hi ! My name is Jean Loup Pecquais, I'm living in Paris and I'm in music for 11 years. I'm a great fan of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson, Björk and Radiohead. By now I am studying a master's degree in sound engineering in the Ecole National Supérieur Louis Lumière. I have already produced two record of my personal music, in 2014 and 2015.

Singer - Andrea Berlayne

Hey guys, I'm Andrea Berlayne. I'm a female vocalist and recording artist, currently a lead singer of a cover band as well as working in my own home recording studio. I've played at Florida Music Festival, recorded in a $3m studio, as well as dabbling in some film making for cover videos I'd love to show you!

Session Vocalist - Alice Grey

I am session vocalist with many years of experience singing. I have focused on perfecting not only vocal control, but also also expressivity. In order to truly affect the listeners, I focus on conveying as much emotion as I can through my vocals. After all, why make music if not to move others?

Creative Director, Song Writer - Brill

I am a creative mind that just an opportunity. I am in the Atlanta, Orlando, and Los Angeles areas.

Audio engineer  - Thomas berggren

I have credits with, The crowntx, A-wall, pretty boy Aaron, chroma, p.p., gwap gang, elithedyl and many more

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