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Audio Alkhemist - ° Ž☥◮♪╤☀π

Have your track professionally mixed, polished, and transformed by the audio alkhemist and one of the most sought after engineer producers in the South Jersey area

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Recording Studio, Mixing,  - MARS Records

MARS Records is a international community of experienced music producers based in Moscow, worked with local stars and new talents, offers professional recording, song mixing, mastering and music production services. Specializing in rock, pop, world, hip hop, and more. Premium equipped studio located in center of Russian capital.

Singer, songwriter, artist  - Dany Catt

I’m Dany Catt, a singer, songwriter, dancer, and artist. I’m interested in helping other artists find there mold, creating unique fresh music, and having a good time in the process. Ive been involved in the industry for roughly around 10 + years and would love to collaborate with producers & artists.

Live Sound Engineer | FOH - Sever Staicu HEARITFEELITMIXIT

My job is very simple...I basically have to amplify the artist's vision of sound...in the most accurate possible way. The crowd (audience) want to hear the artist, NOT the live sound engineer...in most cases, the artist that they grow up with and subconsciously they know the artist's sound...and they want to listen to that familiar sound.

Music Producer, Remixer - Suark

Producer with over 10 years of experience. Signed to Smash The House. Credits include also Universal Music, Revealed, Spinning - Controversia, 2Dutch, Global Records and more.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Rebecca Li

Mixing engineer, keyboard player.

EDM Topliner for Hire - Sam McLeod

I've worked with artists from one side of the world to the other. sends me your beats and I'll have a good listen and shoot you a melody with some lyrics.

Music Producer. - Tarek Esso

Worked with famous music producers in Egypt.

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