Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Tony Malaby

Upright Bass and Mixing - Eivind Opsvik


I've been playing upright bass professionally for over 30 years, in countless NYC bands in a variety of styles; jazz, experimental, electronic, indie...

Recording/Mixing/Mastering - Brian J Sulpizio

15 years working with musicians, performing and engineering. I engineer recordings in studios or at my home, mix recordings and record overdubs at my home, and connect singer/songwriters with professional musicians. I can get impressive mixes out of clients' home recordings in a majority of cases.

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Music producer, mix&master pro - Lil Pepsi

Hi, it's Lil Pepsi and I produce some different genre of music for more or less 8 years now. I did my own solid producing, mixing and mastering experience in many genres of music. I also played in some big clubs in Brussels, Belgium and I also worked with very good and talented artists who had a lot of succes then.

Music Production - DeltaRecords

Leaders in music production, with a modern, technological and professional recording studio located in Bogotá City. Established in 2003 by Julio Monroy, DELTARECORDS is an optimal space to produce high quality music. Over the years, we have been the architects of many professional projects, turning artistic concepts into tangible realities.

Recording/Pro Audio Services - 1260 Studios

Recording to Final Mix song production for full bands and individual artists.

Music produce for Branding - ongaq Co., Ltd.

Graphical, Immersive, Atmospheric, Theatrical, Cinematic, Soundtrack, Video Game Music, Ad, Electronic, Rock, Anime and Other. Music production based in Tokyo with a recording orchestra, making all types of music for brands, films to TV series, games and ads worldwide.

Rapper and Singer - Lyngee

I'm a professional singer and rapper.

Sound Track composer &producer - Bright Roy

Bright Roy is a multi-genre singer songwriter and music producer He specializes in typical musical compositions which has been acknowledged by industry experts He has released 10 singles independently since 2019. He is certified pianist from Berklee School of Music. He is available for music production contracts as well for original soundtrack.

Rock Producer - Hesner Durán

Transform your musical vision into captivating reality with my expertise as a session instrumentalist, vocal recordist, composer, and audio engineer, combining technical finesse with artistic passion to craft sonic experiences that inspire and resonate deeply with listeners

Remote mixng. - Juan Polito

"I'm Juan Polito, a passionate music producer, sound engineer, and multi-instrumentalist musician. With over 10 years of experience, I specialize in creating exceptional auditory experiences. My focus spans from music production to mixing and mastering songs. My musical diversity and passion for creativity are the cornerstones of my work. If you're

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