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Pocket and Hook!! From Earned It by The Weeknd to I Want Love by Elton John to Felt Good On My Lips by Tim McGraw to Still Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble to Long Gone(Rock Version) by Chris Cornell to Whenever Wherever by Shakira, I go the extra mile to find bass hooks for your songs. Pocket and Hooks..Let's Go!

Born in Dublin Ireland to a musical family, I cut my teeth busking on the streets of Europe and touring with some amazing Irish artists. I arrived in LA after Producing and playing Bass on the soundtracks for the Alan Parker film The Commitments. The sun and the city pulled me under their spell and so I set about finding my LA Rock n Roll family. Juggling gigs, sometimes multiple gigs a night, then rocking the length and breadth of the country in wicked mid ‘90’s alt-rock band Ednaswap as we toured with Weezer and No Doubt, my playing was exposed to many with whom I would soon begin to work in studio. Since then I have had the good fortune to record with many of my musical idols and inspirations; Elton, Phil, Neil, and am equally proud to have also been a part of the journeys of hundreds of emerging artists.
My 'superpower', I believe, is my versatility both stylistically and sonically. My ability to quickly identify what the song is calling for, deliver that, and then, guided of course by the song and the artist's vision, dig deeper for the hidden gems....The Hooks only a Bass can deliver!!
Let’s Have Some Fun!!

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Chris Cornell, Long Gone

I was the Bass Player in this production

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Two revisions should get us there assuming a reasonably clear vision and fairly solid goalposts. Turnaround, asap/same day, unless absolutely booked up. Definitely within 48 hours.

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