Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with trap party

Vocalist-songwritter- producer - Stella Key


Silky, uplifting yet melancholic and powerful! I carry a big passion for EDM. My speciality is writing catchy yet unique top lines for genres like dance pop, bass, deep house and more. With more than 10 years of experience in songwriting, singing and producing the quality of work that I deliver is exceptionally high.

Producer / Mixer / Master - ravevik

With over 7 years of experience in music production, mixing and mastering. Making genres like EDM, Hip Hop and Trap. I can help you write/ complete tracks and make sure they sound great.

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Remote Mixing & Mastering - VirtualWater

One word that describe me best - perfectionist. I always try to get the most of resources I have, hence trying to achieve the best possible result. Favorite music bands: Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jazz Pistols, Hushpuppies. When tried to learn to play guitar, actually learned music composition. However, now I can play bass and guitar.

Recording, mixing,drummer - Davor Kavelj

I am drum player for 13 years, playing with many jazz instrumentalist, also recorded many audio clips for different projects. I was responsible for managing these projects. After a few years I was employed as an audio engineer at a company that has worked with the world's greatest artists such as Diana Krall, Spandau Ballet etc.

Produce, Song Writer, Editor - EllevanMusic

Hello! My name is Evan Ellevan. I produce for a handful of great artists and can help with your next project! My strengths are in lyrics and song writing, and also facilitate production and mixing. Let me know what you're working on and I hope to improve it!

Musical Entrepreneur  - All Father Audio

I am currently studying Music and Sound for Image at the University of Huddersfield to add to my repertoire of musical experience. I am at the beginning of starting my own music production company called All Father Audio.

 - Koushik Venkat

Hey yo, I'm Koushik Venkat, pretty much a bedroom songwriter & a producer, i sing, produce, write and mix my tracks.

Beat producer/Songwriter - Myles✨

Unique & Versatile Alt Rnb/Hip-hop production. I've worked with dozens of artists to create beats and demos specifically tailored to their artistic vision.

I’m a bassist and Producer  - Isaiah Johnson

I make sure your music is A1 with nice unique bass lines

Session Trumpettist - DesMartino

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