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Producer, Mixer, Song Finisher - Jacob Elijah Anderson

One stop shop for fledgling producers and songwriters; turn great ideas into killer songs!

Mixing, Mastering & Editing  - Mauerfall Kollektiv

Professional Mixing at Indie Rates

Mix Engineer, Producer, Writer - Alex Markwell Music

No Sausage factory approaches to crafting your music, not the type of professional where half the gig is just thrown to the assistant . I'm a published writer and musician, so I understand the work you've put into your music, so will do the same. Honour the Groove. Have worked on music for Mark Ronson, Portugal The Man, The Delta Riggs, Elliphant.

Record-Produce-Mix-Master - Dan Broad

Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Composition, Programming, Session Guitar/Bass.

nil - Researchwriters

A to Z PhD assistance for all your research needs.

Session Drummer - Mitch Bancroft

Hi I’m Mitch, I’ve played some massive gigs over the past three years and I’m looking to help make some new tracks sound great!

Mexican songstress  - María Centeno

My name is María Centeno, I'm an experienced singer and songwriter based in Mexico City. I have recorded and released more than 40 songs and I'm an active member of Mexico's city independent music scene. I release music with my soloist project (under the name of María Centeno) and also with my band "La Isla Centeno".

Producer, Writer, Beat Maker - Tate Gardner

Millions of streams and multiple Placements in Spotify Editorials such as Indie Pop and Fresh Finds in the last 12 months.

Singer/Songwriter - Claire de Lune

I've been in the industry since I was 15 years old! I have a ton of experience with topline writing, as a recording artist, and also with session work as a vocalist.

Analog Collage - Vitberg

Don’t give a f*ck about being famous - I just love to paste sh*t together that I cut up but I will try my damn hardest to make you happy about it.

Beatmaker & producer - Lope

Soy un artista completo, siempre estoy en la búsqueda de mejorar mi sonido y puedo aportar una nueva visión, tono, ritmo, lo que sea que estes buscando a tu próxima canción. ¿Colaboramos?

Remote Mixing & Mastering Pro - Seth Derrick

I'm committed to turning a passion into a career and I'm excited by the prospect of helping you get the sound you're looking for.

Producer, Songwriter, Engineer - Marc Holbrook Music Production

I am a Music Producer, Songwriter, Musician and Engineer from London now based in Sweden. A distinctly musical approach to recorded music gives me a unique insight into music allowing me to hear everything with fresh ears and a flexible attitude.

Music producer  - Charlie Rose

I can make beats you can bop too and songs you can cry too. My music to match your mood, your lyrics!

Album Art and Graphic Design - Ashley A. Moore Design

Multidisciplinary artist and designer who will work with you to create beautiful, cohesive pieces that express who you are through thoughtful, research driven design. Currently developing fashion line, expanding branding, and designing album art at FilthyBroke Records and developed Squarespace site and store for Positive Zero Publishing.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Never Measure Productions

Songwriter, producer, engineer, & musician. Offering affordable services while working out of my home studio here in the beautiful wine country.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Chris Donlin

Serve the artist, serve the song. That is my number one aim and motto when it comes to production and mixing. As a producer, I am confident enough in my ideas that I will put them on the table, but understand that nothing an artist brings me is 'my' song. When you bring me your song, my only job is to honor that and bring your ideas to life.

Music Production Studio - Moon Music

Moon is a music and production company founded in 2010 in New York City. It’s our belief that every great story deserves great sound, and we strive to bring all of our projects to life with world-class music, recording, sound, production, and post services.

Music Producer / Mix Engineer  - Damian Kyle

3 x ARIA charting top 10 Songwriter - Producer / Mix Engineer from Sydney, Aus. Multi-instrumentalist. Passionate about creating a clear vision for every song and helping artists bring their ideas to life.

Singer, Producer, Songwriter - MARIS BEN

I'm an experienced music artist, I produce my own music, write lyrics, preform vocally and program instruments on my computer. I also have worked on other people projects, especially vocally, top line and lyrics. you can know me more through my youtube channel:

Singer / Songwriter, Producer - Agustin Elias

Singer songwriter, producer making music from the heart.

Singer/Songwriter - Jeremiah de Rozario

I'm an accomplished pop vocalist with over 5 year of experience inside and outside the studio. My recent venture into songwriting has proved to be successful with 2 out 2 two songs receiving both public and critical acclaim in the indie music community. I write to make people feel and I have done well so far.

Canvas + Visual Artist - ZP Visuals

I love creating art that helps bring music to life!

Mixing and Mastering  - Nils Westermann - Mixer

With a fresh pair of ears and a reliable taste in music i'll finish your mix in Pro Tools and do the mastering aswell if you wish. I have worked on many released albums and songs and keep in touch with many happy clients.

Music Producer and Mixer - Satur

Music Production and Mixin in Buenos Aires. Rock, Pop, EDM and any genre you need to.

Singer/songwriter - Navin kumar

Navin kumar is an indian singer/songwriter born on 24.5.2004 . He is from samba and he live in jammu . He started his music journy in 31.05.2021 and he released his first hit as yaadan . Yaadan was his first single and there lable is navitra_recordz

Music Producer - BLACKBIRD

21 y/o 3rd year aerospace student who makes musics and plays vidja games

Producer, Songwriter/Lyricist  - Adam Ambrose

A songwriter/producer that has opened up for Tate Mcrae, been featured on massive editorial playlists, and been featured in Canadian national news all for his own original music.

Vocalist, Songwriter,  - Theresa Chase

Versatile expert vocalist and arranger. National Anthem Singer, Daytona Int’l Speedway ESPN Televised NASCAR races- singing alongside artists like: Sawyer Brown, Danny Gokey, I Am They, Local Sound, and more. 2 time State and National Fine Arts Awards Winner in Songwriting Prompt turnaround.

Songwriter&Session musician - Noel Mittmann

Songwriter and Session musician. In the file of session musicians at the Galaxy Studios.

Producer/Audio Engineer - MADEONMARS

Professional audio engineer and music producer recognized by the Glass Animals.

Song Writer - Lost Hiraeth

Lost in the shadows? We're breaking into the light every day through music and the lyrics are one of the heaviest and most inspiring aspects of a song.

Songwriter & Producer - LA Smith

I'm a versatile music producer & songwriter. Depending on your needs, I'm able to produce, write, record and mix your music. While my focus lies on Pop, Hip Hop and R&B I also love scoring to picture. My work is original, creative and detailed - let's fuse our talents.

Music Producer, Mixer, Beats - Saam Jafarzadeh


Sounds that you can chew on.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Epic Ghost Club

Hey guys! I‘ll mix and master your song for 20$ (up to 5 stems) 30$ (up to 10 stems) 40$ (11+ stems) Mixing includes: gain staging, stereo panning, compression, EQing, automation, reverb, delay and FX, autotune (if needed) Mastering: polishing the mix, compression, multiband compression, EQing, enhancing

Producer, Mix Engineer - Josh (Hoagie) Harrison

Im a young producer and mix engineer with their finger on the pulse of modern music. Primarily in the recording studio environment i've worked with such artists as; The Cure, Royal Blood, British Sea Power, Blood Red Shoes and many others. Im a multi instrumentalist and synth lover hoping to make your musical aspirations come to life.

Mastering Studio  - Oakfield Mastering

Mastering with love and passion!

Mobile Recording Studio - Canyon's Eye Audio

Canyon's Eye Audio is your go-to for flexible and affordable professional audio services. From recording demos to mastering, Canyon's Eye covers it all.

Session Drummer - Carlos Coronado

Having toured the UK & Europe, played TV and Radio shows & worked in many studios, I am excited to be working with you :)

Music Producer and songwriter - Theo

When I was six I used to press my head against the piano when my brother's piano teacher was playing. Still have the same fascination for music.

Producer, Drummer, Programmer - Ryan Harvey

Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist focused on melding forward thinking sound design with timeless melodies and arrangements to craft songs that mesmerize the mind and capture the heart.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Keith Gillespie

I'm here to mix the music you've worked so hard to create and make it shine! I'm here to compose and score your film and push it to a whole other level! I'm here to give you all I got and help make your project the best it could be!

Music Producer & Composer - Francesco Chiari

Live & studio recording, composing, arranging. Specialties: bassist, guitarist, programming, mix engineer. I have worked for artists such as Kalimba, Alejandra Guzmán, Erik Rubin, Yuridia, Reik, Aneeka, Anahí, Miro. I made the Reik's Remix Peligro. Score of the Mexican film Como Filmar a XXX distribution of Videocine

Producing, Mixing, Songwriting - Thomas Regenhard

My name is Thomas and I am writing and producing music. Lots of Indie, Pop, Folk und Americana. In English and German. Let's work together and create some lovely music!

'Producer', 'Mixing Engineer', - Boris Nazarian

Producer. Mixer. I will make your music sound the way you envisioned.

Mixing, Producing, Playing!  - Matt Bordin

Mixing engineer, producer, musician - credits include works with international label such as Fire! records, Sup Pop, In the Red, Voodoo Rhythm...and also movies and documentaries sountracks

writer producer musician score - James Grundler

A major label signed artist who made many records and have worked with some of the biggest names like Rick Rubin I am an award winning, singer songwriter, producer, composer with multiple hits in all genres, for example the pop number 1 hit song Safe by Westlife. I have my own studio and can help write, produce, arrange and mix your next project.

Record Label  - Admiration Records

Small indipendent label based in the UK. We license music, develop artists, help with songwriting and give all round general guidance to our artists to help further their careers.

Mastering & Mixing  - Lightning Bolt Mastering

We LOVE MUSIC and being creative! We Also Love Working With People. We will make sure your songs TRANSLATE well and sound the best they can! Been Mastering, Producing, Engineering, Recording, Writing And Mixing Great Music For Over 20 Years! We specialize in Rock, Indie, Alternative, Trance, House, POP, Hip Hop and Experimental Music.

LA Nash Writer Producer Mixer - Keith Hetrick

Keith Hetrick is a Grammy-nominated American songwriter/record producer based in Nashville, Tennessee with #1 records worldwide.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing  - Ten Strings Audio

Self considered a craftsman, and, as in every craft, excellence should be pursued.

Musician/Singer/Songwriter  - Elisse

Hi, My name is Elisse and I am looking for a Music producer that wants to work with me and my music. Please let me know if you have any recommendations or ideas. Thanks, Elisse

Recording and mixing - Matthijs Kievit/Studio Joneski

Dutch recording/mixing engineer with a taste for fresh, compelling sounds with grit and punch across many genres, ranging from jazz to indie to noise.

All things bass - MadsDyrst

I've been playing bass professionally since 2010. I have a bachelors degree in bass and arranging from Danish National Academy of Music. I've done work for the Danish X-Factor, The Voice (Radio), some of the biggest artist in the country and a lot more. Check out my instagram for sound bites

Producer / Mixer / Musician - Bobby Holland


I'm a Grammy-nominated producer/mixer, and I operate out of Studio A at Pentavarit Studios. People ask me what kind of music I like to make, and my reply is always "If you mean it, I like it." Unlike a lot of producers, I try not to make everything sound like me - but to make it sound like YOU. Best job ever!

Remixing and Production - Poro

High-Quality Remixing and Production for the Indie Artist

Remote Mixing & Mastering - vladormeno

Producer, mixer engineer, arranger and multi Instrumental musician.

Music Producer - Tuareig

I'm on a new musical project and looking for singers.

Producer, SongWriter, Guitar - Tomas Frankson

Yoo, I am a Producer, Song-Writer, Guitarist & Vocalist from London, United Kingdom. My speciality is working with Singer-Songwriters helping them to expand their ideas into full radio-ready productions. My productions have consistently been featured on Spotify Editorial and BBC Radio, earning me 750,000 streams in the last 18 months alone.

Music Producer - Justin Meyer

Justin Meyer is a Boston-based singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer. Currently, he studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, majoring in Music Production and Engineering, and minoring in Commercial Record Production. Through music, Justin hopes to affect positive change through self-expression.

Remote Session Vibe Creator - Scottie Mills

My passion is getting it right. Every song, artist, and project have unique elements and I like to discover and accentuate them.

Producer, Composer, Singer - Juan Castelli

I can make your purpose to sound in your song.

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